We will do our best to answer the common questions. But be warned, our expertise is at making awesome cupcakes, not pondering the universe.

Can you customize the cupcake decoration to match the theme of my wedding?

Yes,  We work closely with you and those who are helping you plan your wedding to create just the right cupcake and presentation for your event.  We’ll work with wedding planners and florists to integrate floral arrangements and other special touches to the presentation of your cupcakes.

Am I limited to ordering from your daily menu?

Of course not!  We love your ideas and enjoy providing custom cupcakes that complement your wedding, rehearsal dinner, wedding shower and much more.

Do you require a minimum order?

No we do not. We believe that every special day comes a variety of options including your budget. We have beautiful arrangements in every budgetary size.

How many cupcakes fit on your cupcake tiers?

We have several custom cupcake tiers varying in size and décor that can hold anywhere from 60 cupcakes to 150. Please let us know if you would like to rent one for your event.

Do you offer pre-set wedding packages?

While we do offer pre-set wedding packages, we believe that every order is unique and we leave room for personal touches. Please contact us so we can create a one of a kind arrangement just for you!

Can you provide a cutting cake?

Yes. We do have a variety of designs and flavors for your cutting cake needs. Please contact us to request a cake tasting and to receive a one of a kind designed cake topper for your Big Day.

Do you offer tastings or a way to sample your cupcakes? Is there a charge for a tasting?

Yes. We do offer cake tasting by appointment. There is a $10 tasting fee that will be waived if we have the pleasure of booking your event. You can also place an order online to taste any of our daily and seasonal flavors.

What can I expect to pay to have cupcakes at my wedding?

Every event is unique, and the best way to discuss your vision and pricing would be to setup either a consultation or a cake tasting.

Can Cupcake Fetish handle delivery and set up? Are there extra costs for set up and delivery?

Yes, we can handle delivery and set-up if you desire. Typically, set-up is only available if cupcakes and tiers are purchased or rented.

How far in advance do I need to place a special order?

We are happy to fulfill any custom order within 72-hours. If it is a large cupcake order, please call in advance before placing your order and allow 3-4 business days to accommodate your request.

Is there a discount if I order a large amount of cupcakes?

Yes! The more you order the more you save. Contact us at 314.662.4562 for more information about your special event.

Do you offer party planning?

Yes we do! We are partnered with Cory Lampkin Photography and Feliz Nadida to offer you event packages that give you an all in one deal for your special occasion. Contact us at 314-662-4562 for further details.

Which came first? The cup or the cake?


Does Cupcake Fetish donate?

Yes! Since we opened in 2013, Cupcake Fetish has been committed to giving back to local charities including Sweet Celebrations who provide the wonderful service of hosting parties for children in local shelters. Please feel free to check out their website and donate to their cause. http://sweet-celebrations.org/home/

Are any of your cupcakes gluten-free/sugar-free/vegan?

Yes! Upon special request, we do offer gluten-free and vegan cupcake flavors. All of these orders are prepared upon request so please allow 2-3 business days to complete your custom flavored order.

I have a nut allergy. Can I eat your cupcakes?

Although some of our cupcakes do have not have nuts, all of Cupcake Fetish’s cupcakes are baked in a bakery where nuts are present.

How will my cupcakes be displayed?

We would be happy to rent you one of our small or large stands for your event. Contact us for more information and availability.

Do you ship your products?

Unfortunately at this time Cupcake Fetish does not ship our custom flavored products.

Do you deliver? Is there a delivery minimum?

Yes, any order over $25 includes delivery up to 10 miles away. There is a $10 delivery fee any distance after that.

Please contact us at 314-662-4562 to see if we can accommodate your delivery request.

Should I refrigerate my cupcakes?

Our custom Vanilla Bean Whipped Icing does prefer refrigeration, however in short time frames for events, room temperature should work perfectly.

How big are your cupcakes?

Our everyday flavors are standard cupcakes sizes, however, we also offer Giant, Jumbo and Mini custom flavors.